What Training and Certifications Do Managed IT Firms Offer Their Staff?

Learn about the best courses & certifications available for IT managers to improve their skills in managing an IT business. Explore 3 main types of IT management certificates & find out how to gain an advantage when hiring managers consult your resume.

What Training and Certifications Do Managed IT Firms Offer Their Staff?

As companies strive to streamline operations and incorporate new technologies into their organizations, there is a growing need for managers with expertise in managing business processes. According to the IT Skills and Salaries Report, an increasing number of IT decision makers (63%) say that their organizations offer formal training. To meet this demand, there are a variety of courses and certifications available for IT managers to hone their skills. Here are three of the most popular certifications and the best courses for IT managers.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

- This is one of the best IT certifications available and is a general entry-level exam for those with no prior experience or knowledge in project management.

The CISSP covers a wide range of topics such as organizational structure, budget management, risk management, monitoring of delivery capacity, remote team communication, and execution and management of large projects.

Association of Business Process Management Professionals International (AABPMP)

- This certification is suitable for managers at all levels as it focuses on the effective implementation of strategies and the improvement of business processes. The AABPMP offers associate, professional, and leader level certifications that reflect the strict standards expected of qualified business process management (BPM) professionals around the world.

International Marketing and Product Management Association (AIPMM)

- This certification from the AIPMM teaches you how to optimize customer relationship management and maximize brand value. It is ideal for those looking to gain an understanding of how to effectively manage marketing and product management. A managed service provider is an IT company that has the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to implement and manage technological solutions that help its customers' businesses achieve maximum performance. Having an IT certification that matches the work you're doing gives you an advantage when hiring managers consult your resume.

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