What Kind of Analytics and Reporting Solutions Does a Managed IT Firm Provide?

Discover what kind of analytics & reporting solutions are provided by managed IT firms & how they help organizations evaluate their network performance & other KPIs.

What Kind of Analytics and Reporting Solutions Does a Managed IT Firm Provide?

Managed analytics services from a provider with 33 years of experience in data analysis can help organizations evaluate the performance of their network and other key performance indicators (KPIs). Clear Analytics is a self-service data management platform that complements Excel to provide business intelligence and reporting. It stores all proprietary data on the server for security reasons, allowing it to be shared with other people regardless of the spreadsheets in which they are located. Based on data sources both in the cloud and on premises, it manages large amounts of data and provides analysis, queries and data visualization through Power BI.

Although it can only be installed on Windows, the results of your queries can be published and shared online through Sharepoint, OneDrive and Power BI. In addition to a 30-day free trial, the provider offers an edition for small teams and a plan for small businesses with fixed monthly rates, and a business edition, whose price is available upon request. Predictive analysis is the strength of professionals with technical skills, such as IT analysts and data scientists, as it requires knowledge of statistical computing. It offers self-service data analysis and discovery; then it connects and combines operational intelligence to prepare it and, finally, allows users to turn it into dashboards, reports and other visualizations. An organization that employs its own IT service providers and pays for their salaries, benefits, additional training, and the network infrastructure they oversee is said to provide in-house managed IT services.

The emergence of application service providers (ASPs), which provided remote application hosting services, in the 1990s was when managed IT service providers first appeared. IBM Watson is an AI-augmented data science solution that allows employees to harness the power of proprietary data, unlock its potential and apply the information they gain from it in new ways. Managed analytics services involve outsourcing data analysis to a service provider to eliminate the need to develop and manage a patented analytics solution. Internal planning and expense management are simplified by outsourcing managed IT services to an MSP. These companies need the knowledge and experience that a managed IT company can offer to meet the stringent requirements that control data management, storage, and overall cybersecurity. Managed IT service providers typically provide the cloud platform on which their service is provided as part of their service, unlike cloud services, which typically include the management of the providers of application, data and platform services, but do not usually include managing the customer's workload itself.

Managed IT services have become one of the most popular practices among organizations, especially among Fortune 500 companies. One of the main advantages of managed IT services is that they can provide great insight and experience to companies with predictable monthly costs. Agents play a key role in providing customers with a unified platform to monitor and manage their entire IT assets. Managed services mainly refer to the outsourcing of IT services, such as security, hosting, cloud computing, etc. With an enterprise data cloud, data management is within the reach of analysts, with the scalability and elasticity needed to manage any workload.

When organizations hire and train new internal staff, manage IT teams, manage security or implement systems on their own, unexpected expenses can also arise. If you are interested in joining an MSP and managing the entire IT infrastructure of an organization, you can develop a career as an IT Service Manager (ITSM).

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