Securing Your Data with Cloud-Based Services from Managed IT Firms

Learn how to protect your data when using cloud-based services from managed IT firms. Find out how encryption, Azure Key Vault, IAM, and more can help.

Securing Your Data with Cloud-Based Services from Managed IT Firms

When it comes to protecting your data, using cloud-based services from managed IT firms is a great way to ensure that your information is secure. Guilherme (Gui) Alvarenga, senior director of product marketing for the CrowdStrike cloud security portfolio, has more than 15 years of experience developing cloud, SaaS, network and machine learning solutions for companies such as Check Point, NEC and Cisco Systems. He graduated in Advertising and Marketing from the Paulista University in Brazil and completed his MBA at the State University of San José. He studied Applied Computing at Stanford University and specialized in cloud security and threat hunting. Encryption is a key factor in data privacy, compliance, and sovereignty.

Azure Storage and Azure SQL Database encrypt data at rest by default, and many services offer encryption as an option. You can use Azure Key Vault to maintain control of the keys that access and encrypt your data. Additionally, organizations should protect data in transit to prevent intermediate attacks, eavesdropping, and session hijackings. If you don't have the in-house time or talent to manage user visibility and control yourself, be sure to work with a qualified IT consultant to help you set it up correctly. Customers can gain additional control by bringing their own keys and managing them centrally through cloud encryption key management services.

Experienced IT professionals can help you design and budget a comprehensive cloud computing strategy that brings all the pieces together and even provides you with ongoing management to ensure your protection. Many companies may have some type of monitoring and administration for the computers supplied by the company, but very few deal with the management of employee-owned mobile devices. Identity and Access Management (IAM) helps organizations to streamline and automate identity and access management tasks and to allow more detailed access controls and privileges.

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